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2x Catch Don Falconi

2x Catch Don Falconi

SKU: CDF0001X2
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Order for two 'Catch Don Falconi' games. Delivery time about 7-14 days.


'Catch Don Falconi' is a fast-paced, chili-peppered chase where Don Falconi tries to escape the city and the cops try to catch the fugitive. Thanks to its 5 game levels from 'easy' to 'diabolic', the game is suitable for the whole family and strategically-minded players.


One game contains:

  • 12 edge pieces
  • 81 road cards
  • 3 escape cards
  • 2 chili-bomb cards
  • 2 chili-boost cards
  • 4 wooden game cars
  • Game instructions in German, English and French
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